How often to change the filters in the rotor dehumidifier?

The filter replacement interval of rotor dehumidifier is usually 3-6 months, depending on the usage environment and frequency of usage. It is recommended to shorten the replacement cycle if the environment is relatively dusty or the frequency of use is relatively high.

During use, you can determine if the filter needs to be replaced according to the followings:

(1). Observe the color of the filter: If the color of the filter becomes black or dirty, it means that the filter has adsorbed a significant amount of dust and impurities and needs to be replaced.

(2). Check the dehumidifying performance: If the dehumidifier's dehumidifying performance is significantly reduced, it is possible that the filter is clogged resulting in poor air circulation, and the filter needs to be replaced.

(3). Check the device prompts: Some rotor dehumidifiers have a filter replacement prompt function, when the filter needs to be replaced, the device will issue the appropriate prompts.

In order to ensure the normal operation and dehumidifying effect of the rotor dehumidifier, it is recommended that the filter be replaced regularly and that maintenance and upkeep be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the equipment manual.  

How often to perform maintenance on the rotor dehumidifier?

It is generally recommended to carry out regular inspection and maintenance, the specific time interval can be determined according to the use of the situation and the manufacturer's recommendations.

What items to be checked during maintenance?

This includes checking the conditions of the rotor, sealing, fan operation, whether the electrical parts are normal, filter cleaning, etc.

How to clean the rotor?

The rotor can be cleaned by appropriate methods, such as blowing and washing, depending on the material and dirt condition of the rotor.

(1). If dirt adheres to the surface of the rotor, a vacuum cleaner with a brush can be used to clean it off.

(2). If dirt gets inside the dehumidifying medium of the rotor, it should be blown out with high pressure air.

(3). If dirt has gotten inside the medium and has bonded to the surface of the medium, the following steps should be taken to clean it.

a. Turn off the regenerative heater, allowing the processed air with high humidity (relative humidity >60%) to continue passing through the rotor. As the rotor continues to operate, it will gradually reach a state of saturated humidity. If the air is too dry, it is necessary to humidify it. This process takes about an hour or so.

b. Depending on the different nature of the dirt, put the rotor into water with cleaning agent, in which the PH value should be ≤7, because alkaline solution will damage the silicone rotor material. If it is an oily pollutant, it should be put into an aqueous solution of Xylenes. Remove the rotor after moving it up and down in the solution for about fifteen minutes.

c. After removing the rotor, lay it flat for a while to allow the solution to flow out of the medium.  

d. Blow out the solution remaining in the pores of the medium with high-pressure air.

e. Reinstall the rotor into the dehumidifier cabinet, start the motor and enable regenerative heating to run the system for at least one hour.

Note:There will be a high concentration of moisture coming out of the dry and wet air outlets at the beginning of operation; if solvents were used, the odor will remain in the air stream for several days.

Note:For some oily or some extremely sticky pollutants, it is almost impossible to clean them out from the rotor, the only way is to replace the rotor. The performance of the cleaned rotor can be partially restored, but not completely.

What to do if the rotor dehumidifier is found malfunctioning?

First of all, you should stop using it, and then contact professional maintenance personnel for inspection and repair.

What safety matters to be noted during the maintenance?

Comply with the relevant safety regulations, ensure that the power supply is cut off, and avoid operation under running condition.

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