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We will always close and stay with our customer with constant innervation and updating our knowledgment, theirs increase our value added.

In order to copy with increase demand from our end user Dryer Air Handling equipment Co., Ltd was established on the of year 2001 Shanghai China , we can be more close to our customers and provide technical support for them.

Dryer have provided more than 12 million systems for our customers spread over pharmaceutical, food industrial, chemical industrial ,safety glass ,bridge construction, electronical product, lithium battery industrial, etc.…

Focus on visible and intimated from our customer, Dryer have been developing and updating her new technology and innervation per year with 15-20% her profit per year.

With boosting demanding from Lithium battery industrial

Dryer established first intelligent automatic manufacturing line in HVAC industrial, this means our customer can directly connect with our production schedule and also make quality of their product becoming visible. The new production line will be managed by APS,MES,ERP,WMS systems and operating 24 hours per day with unmanned processing mode during night. The maximum production can reach to two integrated dehumidification system per day.

The production quality can be secured by digital data in every stages during manufacturing process.

We do hope provide our end user most valuable profit when their application.

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