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Historical records of the construction of river and sea bridges indicate that the evaporation of a large amount of water from the surface of the rivers and seas keeps the bridges in a highly humid environment. This high humidity poses significant challenges for the maintenance, upkeep, and safety of the bridges. In particular, steel structure bridges frequently experience corrosion and rust, which severely impact their design and lifespan, and substantially increase maintenance costs and workload.
The corrosion rate of steel rises exponentially when the relative humidity of the air exceeds 60% (as shown in the right graph). When the relative humidity is below 50%, the corrosion rate is very low.
By using Dryer rotary dehumidification equipment to dry and dehumidify the steel structures of the bridges for aiti corrosion protection, the relative humidity of the air in contact with all internal steel components can be maintained within the required low humidity range during the bridge's operation. This new dehumidification technology fundamentally prevents the possibility of corrosion and rust inside steel beams, anchor rooms, saddle rooms, and cable casings, thereby ensuring the bridge's normal lifespan, operation, and safety. Additionally, the maintenance costs are reduced to only 10-20% of the original costs.

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