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In the safety glass industry, Dryer's dehumidification and constant temperature systems are primarily used for the production of laminated glass using the film method. Laminated glass consists of two or more sheets of float glass with a strong PVB (ethylene polymer butyrate) film in between. The glass is pressed together by a hot press to expel as much air as possible from the middle,  then placed in an autoclave where the remaining small amount of air is dissolved into the film under high temperature and pressure. Since PVB film is highly hygroscopic, the quality of the production environment's air humidity significantly impacts the lamination process, thus playing a decisive role in the quality of laminated glass products. Dryer's dehumidification and constant temperature units are the optimal choice for air treatment in lamination processes and environments involving PVB. Typically, the ideal production process for laminated glasses' lamination requires an ambient temperature of 15-22oC and a relative humidity of 30±5%.

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